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10 Abr 2020


14:00 - 17:00



Virtual Reality Simlab IT’s Online Event

Simlab IT organizes, in collaboration with Comunitat Valenciana Digital District, a free Online Event in which all attendants will have the opportunity to learn how Virtual Reality equipment works with Simlab It’s platform. The company will connect participants with presenters from the University of Finland and the Savonia Polytechnic School.

With this online event about Virtual Reality, Simlab IT wants to promote the transfer and distribution of medical knowledge internationally. The company is currently planning several events in Europe and North America to expand the use of this VR platform.

In this first event, they will connect with schools and hospitals to demonstrate in person how to use Virtual Reality in their simulations.

To join this event, participants will only need basic virtual reality equipment such as regular mobile phones, a PC, the HTC vive, or Samsung Gear’s Virtual Reality equipment, etc. Join the online course!


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